You may have already looked at the price of this book and may say, “It’s too much.”  Personally, it could be priced at $100, and I would buy it, not because it was written by me, but written with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The information in this book is definitely worth two things:

1.  Your life.

2.  The information that you will receive will help you save someone’s life.


                          How do you put a price on that?


This book will give you the insight and knowledge to see things from a different point of view concerning caffeine and how caffeine has invaded and crept into our everyday lives and food products.  Life is better than the mundane daily routine of indulging in a caffeine fix to function.

Yes, you have chosen the right book, and it is worth it!

“Get ready to be changed for the better.”

 " See what’s in store for you within these pages."

“Shall We Begin. "

"Buckle your seat belt.” 

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